Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

William asks…

If energy can neither be created nor destroyed, how is the solar system powered, or the power generator?

ssadmin answers:

Energy is transfered.

Petrol powers the generator- petrol has energy stored, which it transfers to generator,

it changes form.

But how did it get there in the first place!?

Chris asks…

How come Chinese people make better solar power generators than anyone else?





ssadmin answers:

“Because Chinese people are the best.”

Is that what you want to hear?

Sandra asks…

Generating Your Own Solar Energy, Is it worth the effort?

Just need to get your opinion if it's worth the hassle setting a solar power generator at home? How do you compute how much money you can save? How do you determine if it's viable? Your detailed and meaningful answers will be very much appreciated.

ssadmin answers:

Solar hot water almost always pays back in about 4 years, if displacing electric hot water, if you live in a warm climate.

For solar electric, whether you will really save money varies widely by area.

The usual computation is to take the cost of the solar electric system (including panels, mounts, inverter, labor, tax, and fees – but minus tax breaks and incentives) and assume that the cost will be spread over 25 years. So if your system ends up costing you $25,000 net, that would be $1000 per year. You would compare that with your electric bills for a year, and see if it's cheaper.

I've left some things out, such as the cost of money over time, the possible rising price of electricity relative to inflation, and the maintenance cost of replacing the inverter once during the system's lifetime, but the above is the general idea.

The best way to get an idea is to call several professional installers for free quotes. They will generally run the analysis, and inform you as to how much you could save. You can compare their answers with each other, and with common sense, and judge for yourself. Don't rush into anything.

Ken asks…

Solar or Generator? I have a cabin in the woods with no electricity…what are some options?

I am looking for options to power a light and vaccum and a cd player in a cabin in the woods. I wouldn't mind a generator but I dont know how I can save that energy. What would be the best option? Any affordable solar options for me, that would store power?

ssadmin answers:

Generator would most likely be best if you are not there all the time. The solar power is an expensive start up, and basically runs on batteries. You can also consider wind power, and if there is a stream near by, hydro.
If you use the batteries to light the house at night, you can also use the generator to recharge those batteries, so you are not running the noisy generator at night.

Lizzie asks…

why india has not been able to take up solar energy power generators and devices at a faster rate?

ssadmin answers:

That fully depends on the budget that India has. Indian Govt. Is also not that interested in developing nation's facilities.

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