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Sandra asks…

AC or DC generator for solar system?

I live in a remote location and my power bill is just ridiculously expensive — I did the math and it seems like it'll be way cheaper for me to use my solar panel (which currently supplies DC power to a few parts of the house) and a diesel/oil/propane generator (which I have yet to purchase), and just cut off all mains power.

Question is, which of these configurations is better?

Solar panel
-DC generator
-Large battery bank
-High-wattage inverter
Result: AC power throughout the house, using both solar panel and generator to charge the batteries as needed

Solar panel
-AC generator
-Smaller battery bank (for solar panel only)
-No inverter
Result: AC power when generator running, DC power from solar panel and batteries (I use DC right now for lights and a few basic appliances so I can live without AC power)

Or should I do a combination of both, like using an inverter for the solar panel to always provide AC power?

Problem with solar panels is that theyre useless at night… so while i can use the power from my current panel for lighting and basic appliances, I still need more power for stuff like TV/computer use when it isn't daylight.

ssadmin answers:

I)Increase the no. Of solar panels, as it is a one time expenditure only.
A battery bank(of sufficient size)
A small DC generator

ii) If you live in an area where oil is really cheap try investing in an AC generator

The first option will always be better

Betty asks…

If you were to be stranded on an Island for 2 years what 3 albums would you take with you?

You have a CD player, and a solar powered generator for electricity?

ssadmin answers:

“Yeti (1971)” by Amon Düül II

“Foxtrot (1972)” by Genesis

“Moondawn (1976)” by Klaus Schulze

Sharon asks…

how to size a solar generator?

Hi, I am hoping to reduce our dependancy on National Grid and produce our own power using a solar panel. I have looked at our gadgets which are on 24/7 and believe we need 750W /hr at 230Vac. How do I size the batteries and solar panels using this info.

ssadmin answers:

You cannot get a.c batteries they are direct current.

Robert asks…

Anybody out there using a solar heated stirling engine to generate residential electricity?

I am a general contractor in Texas, I am currently designing a environmentally friendly home for myself and young family to live in. I am viewing my options on electricity generation, i.e PV with battery and invertor, bio diesel generators, solar powered stirling engine, possibly offsetting solar power with wind. I have a design for a trombe wall which will help cool the house in the summer and heat it in the winter. Solar powered H2O heaters are a no brainer, My brother in the UK has one and has an abundant amount of hot H20. The cooling system will probably encompass geo-thermal energy, again a lot of systems available, unfortunately for the masses these systems are more expensive than traditional energy sucking compressors and heat exchangers. Hopefully by the time I invest in renewable energy for my home the government will offer more than a $2000.00 TAX credit toward the investment.
If so please forward me details.

ssadmin answers:


But I live in England

Mary asks…

Model Solar Panel for a Project?

I have to create a solar powered generator. I already have the solar panel, I just don't know what to attach it to. Our teacher wants us to have 2 objects running simultaneously with each other. I could have 2 light bulbs, but that is overdone. I want to do one light bulb and something else. I was thinking something with a motor? But what?

Also, it has to be scaled down. The solar panel is supposed to connect to BOTH of them (from one outlet). So, if you can tell me how to work that it would be great (i'm not really good with these things….)
Also, how do you connect the solar panel? And what types of wires will be needed?

Thanks everyone!!!! This is REALLY appreciated!

ssadmin answers:, wonderful insight

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