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George asks…

Have you gone “off the grid” and retrofitted your home to become energy independent? Are you considering it?

What have you done to get off the grid? Solar? Generatorpowered by what? Your own windmill? Or…? And have you been able to disconnect your home completely from the power company and their electrical grids, or do you still rely on the power company as a back-up or auxilliary power source?

ssadmin answers:

I own a windmill it produces 2-3 times the electricity that I need and so the rest is sold back to the power company. I will not go off grid because to me that is a waste of energy; power is lost when it needs to be “pushed” into batteries to be stored and when the batteries are fully charged the turbine would need to be shut down. So by not using batteries and staying on the grid I am supplying clean energy to 1 or 2 of my neighbors. So the way I see it I am twice as green as people who live off the grid.

Maria asks…

Build a solar or wind propelled generator?

I want to know how to make a solar or wind propelled generator? First if i can make a solar and wind propelled generator and combine them to work at the same time. The solar panel can be around 12 volts. I just want to do this as a home project. I don't want extreme power out of this. I am young but have a lot of experience with building electronics so keep it simple enough for me to do it.

ssadmin answers:

Well i dont know much but i hope this will help, i whould imagine for the wind power you whould need the light propeler to be somehow conected to a magnetic generater. And for the solar power, well i dont know much about that but i hope to find out soon.

Donna asks…

Another generator question?

Hello, I posted a question on here a couple of days ago and received some great answers. My question was regarding generators since I dont know anything about them. Anyway I am going to get a job at a mine outside of Elko Nv and it is freezing up there. I am going to drive up from reno and work 4 days per week. I am going to be living in the bed of my truck with a camper cover on the back. I have done my research on generators and I came across solar powered generators. II would build one for 3-500 bones. i would be using it for a lamp, dvd player, tv, a heater once in a while, charging a cell phone…things like that. The heater I would only run something so dont worry. Anyway, my question is…has anyone had any experience with these generators? How hard are they to maintain? Do they provide an ample amount of energy for living semi comfortable in the bed of my truck? please help. thanks.

ssadmin answers:

Both respondents are rather correct.
As far as solar goes, get one for like an RV, they are weather tested, stable, and work.
Also might wanna look at Marine solar panels, anything marine is gonna cost 75% more.
That is why I did most of my boats with RV stuff.
I do not work for those places, I just googelized them and they look legit.
Try craigslist, it is local and you get tpo actually see what you are buying.
The 3rd link is some specs,,
Going solar is best, saves gas, which will rise, and rise in price regardless of who is president of what
The maintenance is rather easy, get an inverter, two deep cycle batteries, a battery switch, voltmeter or fuse panel with a amp meter on it, about $45 at a marine store.
Total investment in solar is gonna be between $250 and $2500, depending on how much you will want to use, that is the nice part, solar sources can be added to as needed.

Joseph asks…

What companies are the best in supplying Alternative Energy Generators(Solar, Wind…)?


I was wondering if one day I wanted to buy good products for generating energy from alternative resources like the Wind power and the Solar power, which companies are the best in supplying those kinds of generators?

I'm not just thinking of small generators for homes, I'm thinking of a bigger level too. Like for big industrial companies or even National level!

Thanks a lot for your expertise exchange 🙂

ssadmin answers:

Mr. Solar
Specializes in renewable energy products including solar panels, batteries, solar kits, and other items.
Kyocera Solar
Network of solar energy companies answering the growing worldwide demand for reliable, economical, solar-generated electrical power.
Big Frog Mountain
Manufacturer of solar panels, wind generators, inverters, batteries, and other renewable energy equipment.
Sierra Solar Systems
Engineers solar electric and solar pumping systems worldwide.

Steven asks…

Is it technically possible to collect solar power in orbit and transmit it to earth ?

Or to build a nuclear power generator in orbit (safely) and do the same. Could enough electricity be generated and sent in this way to substantially aid our energy needs?
The advantage of doing this in orbit would be 1. 24 hour sunlight for solar?, 2. Send the mess out into space if there is a mishap re nuclear?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, technically possible and it even has been done on a small scale by converting the raw electricity into a beam of microwaves. At the receiving end, the microwaves are converted back into raw electricity. On a small scale, this is used in smart RFID tags used by stores to tag pilferable items. The radio beam powers the circuit in the tag so it can transmit a reply. There is no power source in the tag itself. They deactivate the tag by causiing an overload which burns out the circuitry. The problem with large scale is one of focus of beam over large distances. The beam would have to be very strong to transmit usable power, and if the beam strayed, would cause heat damage, especially to living things, cooking them much like a microwave oven does.

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