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Ruth asks…

is it possible for a generator to power itself and for a line of power to power other things like ahouse?

so the generator will be powered one time by solar power then when it is fully powered it will run then as the power drains the generator refuels it but at the same time it also powers a lamp or a computer or things like that so i was just wondering is it even possible???

ssadmin answers:

Yes, as stated, efficiency needs to exceed current levels. Even cutting the lines of flux to produce the power takes a bit, right on down to heat and friction which take more potential out of the equation. Someday the present barriers will be breached, and efficiencies will improve, but until then some input will always need to be made up from external sources.

James asks…

Are there any careers that deal with the study of solar energy, generators, ect?

I really like the idea of big solar panels, generators, water powered electricity and such, but I don't know if there are any good careers out there for it.

ssadmin answers:

Become an Engineer for a company that manufactures them.
You'll probably have to go into Electrical Engineering.

Joseph asks…

Why don't they make a solar/wind/electric powered car?

For instance, the entire car would be covered by a solar paneled body, and a pop-up wind generator would also kick in when the wind is over a certain speed. Couldn't both be employed to power the electric engine? There would also be a plug-in as a last resort.

ssadmin answers:

Even at the theoretical maximum efficiency levels the surface area of a standard moving vehicle is not sufficient to power the vehicle in all conditions, especially at night. Typically solar panels can add 1-2 miles of charge to a battery / hour in direct sunlight. Solar racers are an exception as they are designed to capture the maximum sunlight.

A wind generator on a moving EV would slow the vehicle in the same way as regenerative braking. It could not recover more energy from the vehicle's motion than was used to get the vehicle up to speed. A wind generator on a stationary vehicle might capture additional energy while the vehicle was parked.

An electric vehicle will always need a source of power. This could be transmitted to the vehicle to give it unlimited range. There are developments to do this wirelessly over some small distances.

David asks…

I want to buy an Electric Power Generator and im not 100% sure how they work.?

I want to buy an electric power generator but the only ones i found required gasoline. is there any generator that starts off charged and keeps itself charged? if so where could i buy one? also i need about 5000+ watts, im planning on using this for a room with a bunch of electronics. i probably need more than one. i dont care how much they are. please help me find this, i cant find it anywhere. (also if there isnt just a regular generator that doesnt require anything, what are the alternatives? i just need something that is an alternative to plugging it in the wall. solar power, generator, windmill, anything. please help me) thank you 🙂
ok sooo theres a way to use a windmill anndd solar panels and possibly get around 5000 watts? i need some links to this stuff because i have no idea what to look for. thanks for the responses btw 🙂

ssadmin answers:

If you don't care how much it costs, your best (as in quietest and least obtrusive) option is a heap of solar panels, a fat battery bank and a multi-kilowatt inverter.

Anything that gives you electricity OUT is going to require a substantially greater amount of energy IN.  Gasoline, wind, sunlight… Always more in than out, the proportion depending on which one you use (wind will be most efficient).  You cannot get something for nothing.  I wrote a blues about it once.

Edit:  You don't really understand your own needs.  You say you need 5000 watts, but that's a measure of power (like horsepower).  How much time each day do you need it?  What you need to calculate is how many kilowatt-hours you need per day (like gallons per day).

This makes a huge difference.  If you are running a 3000 watt well pump for a total of 20 minutes a day, that's 1 kilowatt-hour (3000 watts * 1/3 hour) a day or an average of just 42 watts.  If you are running a 5000-watt light show for 12 hours a day, that's 60 kWh/day…. 60 times as much energy.

Determining the required size of the various generating options, batteries and so forth are way beyond the scope of Y!A, so you should go pick up something like “Home Power” magazine and start reading up.

Donald asks…

Can a solar generator and panels be hooked up to a trailer home on a rural field?

I plan on moving a newly manufactured trailer home onto around ten acres of rural field. I need a source of power, i have found solar power can be fairly inexpensive in the long run, though i have been told trailer homes cannot be hooked up to solar generators and panels. Is this true? if not how do i hook six 80 watt panels up to the trailer home?

ssadmin answers:

USA Yes you can, unless there is a local municipal ordinance against it – which I have never heard of. But, why 80 watt panels? The industry standard is 230 watt. Six 80 watt panels won't even power a normal refrigerator (they're usually 700 watts). If you have all the parts and equipment, or if you can get them for free, then it is worth it to hook them up. But, if you have to buy the items, the average cost is $5 per watt, which is $2400.00 for a 480 watt set up. Generating 480 watts per hour will total 5000 watts on a good day. That is about $0.50 worth of electricity. At $0.50 per day, it will take you 4800 days – that is more than 13 years – just to break even.

You should add up the power requirements for everything in the home that might be used at the same time – cooking, refrig, cooling or heating, well pump, lights, TV – and base the size of your system on how many watts you will need. If you can, go more than what you need and sell the extra to the utility. They have to buy it from you.

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