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David asks…

How to convert steam back to water quickly?

I am working on a green source energy project.A solar powered steam generator.I need some idea for how to cool the steam back to water quickly? and turn the water back to the steamer again.That way i don't have to refill the steamer with water all the time.Any idea?
Somebody is not getting it.Here is how.
Water + solar heated lens ->steam
Used steam ->water
water->Lens steamer
Hope this help

ssadmin answers:

Let's assume that you are using groundwater as your source. One way to do this is to pump the ground water through a condenser that receives the heater water from the boiler. The hot water from the boiler preheats the cooler ground water before it enters the boiler, and the cooler water that has already been through the boiler and the condenser is discharged into the environment or used for other purposes.

Chris asks…

easiest way to quiet down a portable generator?

I am looking to run a generator to power my mobile home when my solar and wind generators aren't making enough power. I usually park in semi suburban areas and the last time I ran my generator for a prolonged period I got a noise complaint and had to move at 3am [not so fun] what are some ways to quiet down the generator while its running?

ssadmin answers:

I had the same issue with an air compressor. I built a wooden enclosure with a small fan to bring cool air into the box. It has worked fine for over twenty years! But for your problem:

Find a cardboard box that will fit comfortably, upside down, over the generator. If that is not enough, glue some fiberglass insulation inside the cardboard box. That will decrease the decibels sufficiently. Otherwise, you will need to build a wooden enclosure with fiberglass insulation inside.

Good Luck

Thomas asks…

Is 2 watts enough to power a HHO generator?

Hello Everyone,
I am interested in making a HHO generator that is powered by a solar panel that produces 12v but only 2 watts. Is this enough to produce a good amount of hydrogen and oxygen?

ssadmin answers:

To run your car on hydrogen and oxygen you would need more energy than your car produces in the first place. This is because of the inefficiency of the engine and the inefficiency of producing these elements from water through electrolysis.

So you are right to think of adding energy. A solar cell is a clean way to do this. But you have to be realistic in your goals. This set up is not going to produce very much gas but it would be possible to figure out exactly how much and what this will do for you. At 12v your output of 2w means the system is producing about .167amps, not very much.

An additional problem would be to keep the solar panel oriented properly if you intend to use this set up in a moving vehicle. Most solar photovoltaic panels you can buy are only 8 to 20% efficient. When the sun is striking the panel at an angle this can drop off significantly.

Laura asks…

Making my own Hydel and solar power source?

I need to make a Heydel Generator from motion of the water and solar power panels. How can I make one?

ssadmin answers:

I'm not sure, do you mean Hydroelectric generator?

If you look up microhydro on the internet, I'm sure you will find sources.

Assuming your site is suitable for micro hydro, that will be cheaper than wind or solar power, even taking into account recent price drops in solar panels. However, very few people have a site that is suitable. I don't personally know anyone who has such a property, although I do know people with a creek on their land. It cannot be a creek that dries up or slows to a trickle in the summer.

Charles asks…

How can I build a magnetic power generator?

I am wanting to prepare for a potential solar flare. After researching the topic of self sustaining energy sources I found that a magnetic generator is the best option. Does anybody know how this is constructed and if so please give details. I want it to be able to power a house suitable for a family. Thank you for any insight you're able to provide.

ssadmin answers:

In the event of a massive solar flare, you will be better off having oil lamps, a wood stove and a hand pump for water
All motors ,battery's , any thing electronic will stop working,

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