Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Ken asks…

What is the best way to run a 1 hp 3 phase motor in times of power cuts – solar or diesel generators?

suggest any options and its costs effectiveness.

ssadmin answers:

If your motor is remote using solar would save you from transporting diesel fuel
On the other hand, if you need the motor when the Sun doesn't shine you will need batteries to backup your solar generator.


Laura asks…

Increasingly you will hear of an Energy crunch in America.?

What do you think of spending your money in a proactive way to get a back up generator, solar powered water heater, better insulation in the attic, for example instead of being in a reactive mode?

ssadmin answers:

I think it's an excellent idea. It might be expensive, but could offer you peace of mind moving into the future.

Sandra asks…

gundam 00 technology? solar generators?

Has anyone ever considered that the tech that is used in the anime, can be researched and constructed in real life?

For example, in Gundam 00, the world now relies heavily on solar power, and they have constructed a massive solar generator, or something of the sort, to replace fossil fuels. Shouldn't someone delve further into this idea? it may be feasible, and what's more, if it proves that we CAN use solar power instead of fossil fuels, we would have an infinite source of power, and our electricity bills would cost us almost nothing. See my point?

ssadmin answers:

I see your point, and Good For You!

Science fiction has always been a good source for research.

I know nothing about anime, but SF writers have the mandate to create without the requirement of proof, only plausibility. When they do this well, the result is entertaining. It draws viewers like yourself who can let the potential of the plausible cause them to start asking “why not?” And this leads to research that often ends with new advances in science and medicine, and new inventions and discoveries which help mankind.

Often the intellectual and laboratory work necessary for these scientific accomplishments would never have been carried through, without the inspiration of the SF artist whose chief formulas are “Wouldn't this be Great?” … And “Why Not Do It?”

Nancy asks…

Is it practical to use solar panels and batteries to run an HHO gas powered car?

I have just purchased an HHO generator which I intend to put on a Tercel. If I put Photovoltaic panels on the roof of the car, and a deep cycle battery in the trunk with a plug-in charger, would it be realistically possible to make a sort of “Home made Hybrid?” Is there a limit to the ratio of HHo to gasoline that I can burn without damaging the valves, etcetera? Anyone out there trying to do something along these lines?

ssadmin answers:

Then you wasted your money. HHO is just a scam that does nothing to help your fuel economy.

Paul asks…

How could I make 900 watts of power?

I want to power my 820 watt window a/c using eco friendly power. solar panels are to expensive, and a bicycle powered generator can only produce about 200 watts. I want to do this for a fun little project, so that i can keep my window ac on for forever Lol. What could I use to do this? What could make 900 watts of power. I need the extra 80 watts left over to power the inverter itself, since they use some of the power produced.

ssadmin answers:

The way I see it :
900 watts of power is not a joke and you can not get it free while having fun.
“bicycle powered generator can only produce about 200 watts.” What sort of generator is this? Which is bigger, the generator or the bicycle ?

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