Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Chris asks…

Conservatives are in favor of giving BILLIONS to farmers to protect our food supply from the free market yet?

refuse to do the same with our energy supply; is that because they know they are too stupid to get jobs at Wind and Solar power generators?

Such jobs would require a science background that conflicts with their Invisible-Man-in-the-Sky.

(Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of making sure food is cheap, plentiful and secure and having Americans working on farms.)

ssadmin answers:

I think you should double check which political party strongly favors agricultural subsidies, because it is the Democrats.

Farm subsidies are not designed to make food cheap, plentiful and secure either, they exist simply to enrich farmers.

Laura asks…

If a car were to use a combination of solar power, wind power, and regenerative braking, wouldn't that help

Is it feasible to use these methods to increase gas mileage? For instance, wind power generators placed strategically in or on the vehicle could at least produce enough electricity to power the radio and other devices. Just a thought.

ssadmin answers:


Not possible.

Most of these do not produce enough lto sustain power (long term power) to move a vehicle (normally weighs about 1 ton).

Also problem on efficiency and mounting of equipment which will make the car even heavier.

You might want to ask yourself this questionon whether you want to drive at 25 mph to your destination. And instead of taking 30 mins now it takes 2 hours.

George asks…

where can i buy solar power products?

Is there a store I can see and buy solar power products like lights and generators.

ssadmin answers:

Lowes and Walmart both offer solar powered lights.

Sandra asks…

how can i store or save the electric(from bike generator) to a battery or charger?

sory, i cant speak english well…
how can i store or save the electric(from bike generator) to a battery or charger?

in solar power, it has solar charger controller, batteries and so on… so im using this concept in bike generator, so how can i store the electric to (something like) charger or batery?

ssadmin answers:

A human-powered bicycle generator is not very difficult to hook to a battery if you don't mind how large the battery is. You want the battery to be able to absorb many more watts than the generator can produce. You want the battery voltage to be a few volts less than the generator produces when it is disconnected from the battery and being pedaled and measured at the 2 wires ( open circuit voltage output). For a typical bike generator, this voltage is usually 6 volts. If you use some other generator like a car alternator hooked to the bike, it may be more like 14 volts. Good choices for inexpensive batteries that are big enough would be a car or a motorcycle battery of either 6 volts for a bicycle generator or 12 volts for the larger alternator. Solar panels have a fancy charger circuit in front of their batteries because they are concerned about overcharging and burning up the batteries if you keep them charging in the sun for too many hours. With a bicycle, you will stop long before then because you will become tired. You could have a simple light come on to tell you to stop pedaling when the battery voltage got too high and the battery was full. A simple LED light circuit hooked between the positive and negative battery terminals will work. A red LED with a 7 volt Zener diode or a 14 volt Zener diode for the larger battery could be used as your full charge indicator. The light would come on when the battery voltage became higher than the Zener diode voltage. Make sure to put a resistor in line with the LED so the light does not run too bright, 100 Ohms is a good choice.

Paul asks…

How large a solar generator would you need for this?

How large would be needed to power a couple of lights and maybe a laptop.

We're setting up a yurt or Ger on a large empty part of our garden. And instead of running an extension cord we were going to look into getting a small Solar generator. We already use solar panels to heat the pool and subsidise house electricity – but those were set up by a previous owner.
thought I'd add, we were hoping to get one of those smaller ‘portable' ones, but they are about 13 or 12 W from what I've seen, so would that be enough?

This is the kind of thing:

It does sort of answer my question in the product description, but any other advice or first han experience would be grand. (Maybe you know something cheaper or more reliable?)
the panels which we already have are fucking giant ass roof mounted panels specifically designed for heating water. And the pool is generally more used and more important…
I only added that detail to say that we already have them, but that I don't know about them.
plus, the ones on the roof also heat the hot water in the house as well. I wasn't sure, just asked.

ssadmin answers:

If you need light in your gurt, it will, presumably be needed at times when the sun will not be providing light for solar panels, so you are going to need a battery as well.

I have 2 solar panels and a battery in a remote wooden cabin in the mountains, but this was intended to provide power for a small TV. I can, and do, use low voltage for lighting but it is an extremely inefficient way of using solar power, after all, there are many other ways of obtaining light–candles, oil lamps and a woodburning fire –but TVs need electricity so that has to be the primary use for the panels.

It just so happens, that since the TV ‘went digital' I have not been able to receive it, so reading became more important and I could use electricity that was no longer going to be needed for a TV!

I would say that if you have access to mains, you might just as well run a cable and live in comfort, but if you do feel a need to be free of mains power, then you might be better off with a windturbine such as used on sailing boats, and that will give you more power than the solar panels which are rather expensive. In fact, all the “natural” power sources are going to cost much more than a bit of mains cabling, and this will be far more reliable.

I would have understood that the solar panels that you use to heat your swimming pool would not be photovoltaic but rather the thermal type which would be rather more efficient for this purpose and, that no electricity is involved.

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