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Susan asks…

could you use a solar panel to make hho to run a generator to power a home.?

i think if solar cells become damaged they may expose the environment to toxic materials that are within the cells. if this can happen. then i don't want them near my home. so if i move them away from the home there is significant losses in dc voltages. due to long run leads. but if you used it away from the home you can achieve that efficiency once again by making hho to run a generator. witch produces ac. ac doesn't have the long lead loss that dc would experience. and safer by distance. like being 100 miles away from a nuclear power plant verses 15 miles away. if there is a issue at hand.
yes i'm well aware of wind turbine generation. but i have also seen an artical that stated, a whole wind farm was shut down. a bat of and endangered speces, was killed form impating the vanes from one of the turbines. all i can say is, if there not one group trying to kill the usa over it's energy crisis. there is another one right behind them.
ok yes silicon is inert, but to make these more condutive they have to be salted with Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is a compound of the elements gallium and arsenic. or some othe mineral. to make the silica less of an insilator. silica is a glass type substance, ie insulator. there are more comounds found in them don't be fooled. gaAs is used in the manufacture of devices such as microwave frequency integrated circuits, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, infrared light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, solar cells, and optical windows. i know being a ham radio operator. many of the simicondutors found in almost all of my radios use them. some have to be desposed of properly when damaged or replacing them. like the transistors made by toshiba, the 2sc2879. if fracture we have to take special care when replacing them and there disosal. it's not all inert materials.

ssadmin answers:

~My comments are enclosed with a ~
Could you use a solar panel to make hho to run a generator to power a home? ~yes~
I think if solar cells become damaged they may expose the environment to toxic materials that are within the cells. ~I believe this is a minor, perhaps negligible problem = The toxins are a problem when the solar cells are manufactured, not at disposal or damage~ if this can happen. Then i don't want them near my home. So if i move them away from the home ~There is a significant possibility that remote solar cells will be stolen or vandalized~ there is significant losses in dc voltages. Due to long run leads. ~you can connect many solar cells in series, and use a dc to dc converter to produce low voltage dc for electrolysis, and/or connect many electrolysis cells in series~ but if you used it away from the home you can achieve that efficiency ~ I suspect that the value of hho is seriously exaggerated, perhaps a scam~ once again by making hho to run a generator. Which produces ac. Ac doesn't have the long lead loss ~at the same RMS voltage, ac line losses are higher than dc line losses~ that dc would experience. And safer by distance. Like being 100 miles away from a nuclear power plant verses 15 miles away. If there is a issue at hand.

Thomas asks…

Solar kits and generator question?

I just bought a raw piece of land and I'm going to move out on it in an RV while were building the house. My RV has a standard generator, (not sure what size). A solar kit that has a 2000 watt continuous inverter surges up to 3000 watts. Would this be enough power to start an RV air conditioner? And could I then turn off the generator to run the air? If I add enough panels and batteries?

ssadmin answers:

To the guy above it depends on the outlets there are 15 and 20 amp outlets so that depends first of all. And secondly it depends on the air conditioner. For an window air conditioner unit it draws any were from 600-1440 watts. And you could have the lights on and the ac for your info to the guy above me the general lighting load in a house for ex is 3 watts per square foot so id imagine that for an RV it would be less. And even if the outlet was 15 amps it could handle 13.5 amps. And for the power equation you do P=I x E (p=watts,e=volts,and i=amps) so 13.5 amps x 110 volts is only 1485 watts out of the 3000 watts you would be generating. So you would still have 1515 watts which would be enough for 14-15 light bulbs if they were 100 watt light bulbs each. Which i don't see you having that many in your RV. And if your using solar make sure you use deep cycle batteries or something that is along the lines of those.yes you could turn the generator off. But make sure you have an inverter that changes the batteries dc current in to ac current or else nothing will work.

Helen asks…

Combined with solar panels on your roof….can a generator power a small house? indefinately?

Hi! I don't know much about generators. I know that when I was a kid a neighbour had one for blackouts and things and that it was super noisy……are they still really noisy? Can you get one that would run a small household….a 3 bed-one floor house for a conservative (trying to watch the electric useage) houseold? What do they run on? Petrol? Or…? Because every Winter our town gets super storms and CONSTANT power failures. And I have to resort to a gas camping pilot and torches and candles…but its getting harder the bigger my daughters get.
Any info you can give me would be great. 🙂

ssadmin answers:

First of all, let me advise you to spend a lot of time researching someplace besides Yahoo Answers. There are a lot of jerks here who will give you bad or just weird advice.

That said, I'm no jerk, and I'm fairly smart. So let's crack on:

There are small, emergency generators that are designed for temporary or remote use. They're usually portable, small enough to fit in the boot of a car with no difficulty. They won't run much: a few light bulbs, a TV or computer, maybe a small refrigerator. They WON'T run all those things at the same time. They run on petrol and can be had for as little as a few hundred dollars. For an example:

There are larger generators intended for remote use, like powering tools at a construction site where there is no mains power. These are more substantial and aren't easily moved about without a truck. Where the previous example was relatively small and is designed to be sorta quiet, these big fellows with their jobsite intentions aren't as carefully designed for quietness. So when they're fired up, they're pretty noisy. For an example: This one is about a thousand dollars, your local prices will probably be different.

The level beyond this is the permanently installed option. Before we were looking at devices that would simply sit outside your home, and you would run extension cords through a slightly-opened window to make things happen. Now we're into the residential standby generator which must be permanently installed. A licensed electrician will have to make some substantial alterations to your home's wiring to install the transfer switch and keep everything code compliant. When it's in place, the residential standby looks a bit like an air conditioner. When running it's louder than HVAC, but it's quieter than either of the previous two models. These are designed to run on the gas the utility company pipes to your house, so no stocking up on jerry cans of petrol is required. Don't forget to change the oil once in a while, though. For an example: This is the most expensive option and unlike the previous two, there are further costs to cover before you can use it.

As to solar, when there are storms there isn't much light. You'd have to have battery backups. Installing a battery solar electric system will cost tens of thousands of dollars to do the whole house. But for a budget, you could take one room off the power grid, separate its electric supplies from the others, and install a battery backup solar system that fed that for mere hundreds of dollars. Do it modestly: choose a bedroom and the bathroom to solarize. Don't worry about the refrigerator: if the power goes out in the middle of winter, just move the food outside in coolers. It's already cold out there, it'll be fine.

Robert asks…

How to make a manual generator from an old push lawn mower(4 stroke)?

Want to make a generator i have to crank to get power, not solar wind or gas. Looking to power things like a laptop, charger, etc.

ssadmin answers:

You can't make an electric power generator (aka alternator, dynamo) from an old gasoline engine!


Mark asks…

When will American politicians begin to address the REAL problems: population control and global warming.?

The Chinese look like saints next to America. At least they restrict baby numbers and have more solar power generators and water heaters than all other countries combined. They are addressing the issues but American pollies keep their heads in the sand.


ssadmin answers:

If you are talking about pollution and population you REALLY need to take a much better look at China. Better yet, go visit, and if you still believe America is such a cesspool, then please do us all a favor, be a good little Communist, and stay there.

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