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Thomas asks…

How is this for (sci-fi) power/shield generator theory?

Thanks to some help on another thread regarding a question about supplying power to a giant city I think I may have an idea of what I want for my sci-fi story.

The basics are this.

*The city is huge, needs a lot of juice.
*IT is behind a forcefield which also needs to be powered by the same supply.
*Because It's behind a field, and is essentially isolated, Solar power will not do. Also because of the story flow, there needs to be some kind of ‘big' power supply (it needs to be potentially dangerous).

So I think I'm going to go with this….

Black hole/Artificial Singularity contained within an artificial wormhole which is in turn, stabilised with gravity generators!! Then the power would be leached off the event horizon of the black hole as a tiny amount of matter is injected.

If that sounds wrong I'm sorry, I'm not too good on physics, I just want SOME kind of believable theory behind the story.

Can anyone please help with ‘smoothing' out these claims?

For instance, someone said it would take a stupid amount of energy to create these, but I was thinking about cascade effects over many years to create the black hole or singularity which would be about 0.5 – 1cm across.

I'm having trouble understanding the wormhole also, If the black hole is suspended in the mouth of the worm hole, what would be happening on the other side of the hole?

Anyway sorry to drag on and on, If your interested please give me a clue.



ssadmin answers:

You would need to have some kind of power supply that is renewable.

There would be movement of a catylclsmic kind on the other side of the hole.

Well done, it's looking good.

Ruth asks…

manuals on how to make your own green power?

i would like to know how to make green power with solar power and generator and a battery banks

ssadmin answers:

The web-site below is a great place to start. Solar is good in most places, but even better at Southern lattitudes. Wind turbines are good if you're in a windy enough place. SOME people are even able to take advantage of micro-hydroelectric.

If you live in an area with ‘grid' power, you might consider setting up a grid-intertied system. You basically use the power grid as your backup battery system. If you produce more electricity than you use, the electric company will send you a check. (If you've installed your system without “going guerilla” and doing it illegally.)

The components you'll likely need include:
1. Power producing hardware (i.e. Solar panels, wind turbines, etc.)
2. An inverter (to convert 12VDC/24VDC power to 120VAC if you intend to run standard appliances an inverter is NOT necessary IF you decide to run on 12VDC/24VDC, but this requires special appliances.)
3. Storage system (batteries, backup generator, and/or tied to regular power system)
4. Support system components and installation (i.e. Mounts for solar panels, poles for wind turbines, outdoor or very vented storage area for batteries, etc.)

Keep in mind if you're simply looking to save money, making everything as efficeint as possible will pay off the most. Install a programmable thermostat for heating and cooling, use compact flourescents and/or LED's instead of incandescent bulbs, and energy efficeint appliances normally pay for themselves within a few years.

You can also produce your own fuel, which I've heard isn't THAT hard. Biodiesel may be made from any vegtable oil, and ethanol may be made from certain farm products.

Paul asks…

What is the best company for solar power and also for wind generators? I ive in Virginia?

ssadmin answers:

‘best' is a pretty stiff order, but if you want to buy some of these products the ‘green' way and cut down on the shipping needed to get them to you, here's a nearby company that specializes in solar, wind, and lighting systems. (see link below)

from looking at their website they appear to be a high volume dealer, don't know if that will help or hurt your plan. At the very least you can give them a call and find out more, maybe they can answer some of your questions about the peculiarities of setting up such systems in the mid-atlantic part of the country.

Fyi – i have no affiliation with this company whatsoever: just am happy you're interested in doing this. Good luck.

David asks…

how can i do my part to go green without breaking the bank?

i use compact florecent bulbs
i conserve water
but i cant afford like a wind power generator or solar panels so what else can i do within my reach?
What im trying to ask is how can i conserve power, water, and landfill space for cheap?

ssadmin answers:

Wow. Honestly, if you are breaking the bank to be green, you are doing it wrong, my friend. Wrong.

Think of it this way: Probably the greenest people of the past century were those during the Great Depression. These people were extremely efficient with items because they had to be.

Being green saves money!

Though solar panels and whatnot often do save money in the long run (though it also depends on where you live) there are other ways. Me, for instance. I'm a newly-wed, tiny little apartment. We don't NEED a lot of energy. Just allocating your power saves plenty of money and is effective.

–Check your insulation. This is so much better than worrying about heating/air conditioning. If your house is secure, it will lower the need for lots of heating and air conditioning. Money saved!

–Consider walking/biking to places within reasonable distance. You save on gas.

–Don't feel you have to have the latest and best. Sure, the new washer or whatever might be all Energy Star and might even save you money in the long run, but if your current works great, why toss out something still useful? Use what you have! Money saved!

–Only wash your clothes when they are actually (gasp) dirty! It's better on your clothes and saves energy.

–Line dry. Gentler on clothes, saves money, and sunlight is a natural stain bleach.

–Make your own cleaning products. Vinegar, baking soda, borax, and lemon juice make a total kick, can clean anything, and are ridiculously cheap.

–Turn out the lights and unplug anything that is digital/has any sort of light when not in use. It does save money and energy.

–Save your soap! Bits of soap mixed with water make liquid soap!

–Watch your garbage by not buying so much crap. But what you need and aim for minimal packaging.

–Don't use plug-in air fresheners.

–Compost. It's fun, it's easy, it saves on planting stuff, and it saves the energy of your garbage disposal.

–Plants love grey water (used water).

Nancy asks…

Where is the best place to find solar or wind power supplies near Calbayog City?

My inlaws have limited electricity supply and it's too expensive. I would like to build solar or wind generators for them. They live near Calbayog City. Thanks for any advice.

ssadmin answers:

Contact the Calbayog City building or electrical inspectors. They would know which companies in that area install solar or wind generators.

Or, I'm sure that there are classified ads in either the newspaper or telephone directory for ‘electrical contractors'.

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