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David asks…

A homeowners association won't allow certain visible changes to the houses. Including wind powered generators?

And solar roof panels, and reflective roof or window insulation. They say changes like the above (along with rusted wrecks of autos in the yard, of course) will lower property values. So who's right, the association or green living advocates? Let's say moving to a dif neighborhood is not an option. Thanks.

ssadmin answers:

The association is correct, both legally and logically.

I live in a wind mill happy state and there is no possible way a city would give you permission to build a wind mill in your bank yard.

You should be able to put in low-e windows, which do the same thing as the reflective ones without looking awful.

Donna asks…

Energy conservation to be applied in our college?

In our campus, we wish to apply techniques for energy conservation, we already had small scale solar power generators… can anyone please suggest a few other methods, pleaseee

ssadmin answers:

Recycling of paper, food wastes, computers etc
Subsidize bus passes
Check investments and give up investments in fossil fuel companies
Reduce electricity/fuel for heat and cooling with insulation retrofit, compact fluorescent, turning off computers and other equipment at night,
Press for any vehicle purchases to be hybrid or electric powered by wind, solar or geothermal
Eliminate use of trays in lunchroom to reduce food waste
Use tap water instead of bottled water
Plant trees for shade
Raise temperature of air conditioners and reduce temperature of heating
Request more courses that teach the effects and solutions for global warming in : political science, biology; communication; physics; engineering; meteorolgy; etc.
Have plenty of bicycle storage, safe bike lanes, and possibly even campus loaner bikes that anyone can use
Set up an award program for the department that has the most reductions in energy use over a year
Set up a contest for artistic expression about climate change. Invite entries from theatre, music, art, photography. Require that entrants attend lectures on facts of climate change.
Get the cafeteria to cook from scratch, use local produce, reduce use of packaging, and always have vegetarian alternatives, and offer some organic food.
Set up clothes lines near the dormitories and provide clothespins for people to dry clothes in sun. No, people would rip off each others clothes.
Play ultimate frisbee.
Well, have fun! Have a solstice party. (No machines!) Celebrate.

Joseph asks…

is there a human electric generator?

I know there are some generators but people say they can only power a light bulb and not anything like a computer or tv. So i was wondering if somehow all the power generated could be stored, like solar power, to be used for something substantial after hours of powering it? Hopefully one day there will be gyms with lots of bikes that you could just cycle and earn a little money from generating electric.

ssadmin answers:

Mark, you are hitting the same brick wall that most scientists hit and that is how do you store energy? At present probably the best to to store electrical energy in a battery, but this is still not very efficient, although it is improving. So if you can hook up all the gym equipment to generate electricity and store it in a battery for later use, then you could actually have people pay to generate electricity for you! 😉

Mary asks…

Which method of power generation would you choose?

– More diesel genarators
– Natural gas power generators
– Wind turbines
– Hydroelectric
– Nuclear energy
– A central solar power system
– Coal
– Wave Power
– Growing crops to convert to Ethanol/Biodiesel to burn in a power plant

PLEASE explain why and talk about the pros and cons. Try to mitigate or solve each con. For example, if you chose solar power, is there gonna be no power all the time at night? PLS i need opinions.

ssadmin answers:

Nuclear Power
Nuclear power plants can be built almost anywhere, very safe, very reliable, small environmental impact. Nuclear power plants can operate 24 hrs a day 340 days a year. A very small amount of fuel produces a large amount of energy without producing any greenhouse gasses, particulate or other pollutants.

James asks…

Why doesn't Australia use Solar Power only for electricity Since most of Australia is a hot sunny desert?

All you need for a solar power plant to generate electricity is a lot of mirrors
(mirrors that a central computer rotates throughout the day to reflect the sunlight from the best angle to heat the water tank) to reflect the sunlight onto a huge water tank to heat the water that turns the generator.
all you need for solar electricity is about 100 mirrors Maximum
How expensive can it be

ssadmin answers:

The Coal industry would hate that since they will be out of business. Any attempt to design a solar power plant will be criticised by the powerful coal industry.

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