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Susan asks…

Why doesn't Australia use Solar Power only for electricity Since most of Australia is a hot sunny desert?

All you need for a solar power plant to generate electricity is a lot of mirrors
(mirrors that a central computer rotates throughout the day to reflect the sunlight from the best angle to heat the water tank) to reflect the sunlight onto a huge water tank to heat the water that turns the generator.
all you need for solar electricity is about 100 mirrors Maximum
How expensive can it be

ssadmin answers:

Areas suitable for large scale solar generation are 1000s of km away from the major cities

Lizzie asks…

Best Solar powered generator capable of running a small refrigerator and a few other appliances such as charge?

rs and lamps? pretty much a generator for keeping a house up and running when all of the power goes out. And one that charges in the daytime particularly in 6-10 hours. Reviews or personal experience would be awesome thank you.

ssadmin answers:

Considering the purchase, installation, maintenance, and replacement costs of solar photo-voltaic panels, you're paying 38 cents a kwh for that power and that's without batteries, coal costs 1 cent a kwh and natural gas costs 15 cents a kwh. Solar is not a backup power source, it's only viable if subsidized by the government or if grid power is unavailable in your region.

If you want a backup power source, buy a portable tri-power generator, install a transfer switch and a natural gas valve and you can run your house on natural gas if you loose your electricity, if the natural gas line has been interrupted, you can run on propane, if you can't get propane, you can run on gasoline. If you're off the grid, it would be a good idea to use an absorption refrigerator, they can run on natural gas, propane, or kerosene. A large propane tank can be put under your yard for free if you agree to purchasing a certain amount of propane each month. A heat fired refrigerator is often used because of reliability as losing the refrigerator means losing your food.

David asks…

solar generator info needed?

i need to supply 2000 watts of power for half the day, every day. how can a solar panel/generator/battery system do this for me? what model should i look at?

is this going to be a massive amount of solar paneling?
im talking something that has a solar panel that charges batteries that power the solar generator… i think. price is no issue. at all. neither is noise.
ac power, and idk how many volts, 🙁

ssadmin answers:

You need enough solar panels to generate 2000 watts. Then you need to invert the power and store the remainder in the battery system to level the power or for when clouds swing by.

The amount of electricity you can produce per panel is based on:

your location and sun intensity.

Robert asks…

Solar generator for tiny house?

Hi, Im looking for a 2000+ watt solar generator that i can connect to the electrical system of the tiny house that I want to build. I want there to be a long lasting battery, and i also want to be able to charge the battery from a standard 120 volt outlet. I need to connect the power output to the electrical system of my tiny house, so i can not use an outlet that is built into the unit, because the unit (battery/ charger/ inverter) will be somewhere else (connected to the house system.

ssadmin answers:

I'm a permaculture farmer, on a 40 acre farm. We are slowly moving our entire farm to becoming off grid. So far the water and the heat are off grid. Next is the power.

We'll be using both wind and solar, because on days the sun doesn't shine, it's usually windy. If you go with a grid tied solar system as another person suggested, it will save you more than 1/2 the cost. However when the grid power goes down, so does yours. If you have no batteries and no inverter, you have no power.

I really like the solar systems that Costco has been offering for sale. The nice thing about them is you can start small, and ad more as your budget allows. For your batteries, you want to look at marine batteries (for boats), or golf cart batteries. This next part is really important, so pay attention; BATTERIES GIVE OFF TOXIC GAS, AND MUST BE VENTED TO THE OUTSIDE! So no batteries in your house. Plan on building your batteries a protective box OUTSIDE. Also realize that you should not talk to ANYONE about your batteries and off grid home. Why? Because it's valuable, and has immediate resale value for those who steal and turn items in for scrap and recycling. You could come home and find your entire system, including the valuable and expensive batteries gone.

Since the batteries have to be vented to the outside, theft is a real possibility. What do you plan to run, in terms of appliances? A laptop takes little power. A desk top computer is a power hog. A refrigerator from an RV can be run off propane, and will use no electricity. CFL or LED lights take very little power. You can install a gas powered stove, so again you need no power for it. We are going to use an on demand water heater, so no power needed for the water. We are currently building a 600 sg ft house, with propane powered fridge, stove, and water heater. The actual power needs of the house are very minimal. We'll be heating with a wood stove.

You might actually find you don't need 2000 watts if you choose the right appliances. Of course if you go for full electric everything, you'll need a lot more than 2000 watts. If you live someplace where you have to run A/C you'll probably need more than 2000 watts. In our climate, a ceiling fan is more than sufficient.

So sit down, plan your house, and what your ACTUAL electrical appliances will be. Go to YouTube, there are lots of great videos on there about people living in little solar powered houses.

Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years

Linda asks…

What does “large wind power generating sets and parts” mean?

what does it mean by “sets and parts”?
I'm no native.
I'm reading about renewable energy policy.
The sentence goes
“The five year plan also aims to support the development of new energy industries, such as large wind power generating sets and parts; new, more efficient solar power generation and heat utilization, and biomass energy conversion and utilization technologies.”
So…what is sets and parts?
“Wind power generating sets” means wind mills and the power generator?
Then, what are parts?
I'm confused.
Thank you adaviel and FIRST B for answering my question.
I understand the sentence better now.

ssadmin answers:

Presumably “set” is the collection of “parts” used by a particular alternate means of generating power.


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