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Thomas asks…

How do I make home made power?

How do I make home made electricity with solar power or a wind generator? I've been looking into using wind and solar energy to power my home, reduce electricity consumption and lower my carbon footprint. I've looked into solar hot water systems and home wind generators, but what's the most efficient way to reduce my energy consumption?

ssadmin answers:

Wind generators and solar panels can be expensive, and can take years before they pay for themselves. Often it uses so much CO2 to make a solar panel or wind generator that they can actually increase your carbon foot print, not reduce it. I've found that the best way to create home made power is from home made equipment, it's actually surprisingly straight forward and a fraction of the cost. I used this guide: to create a simple wind generator which has seen my energy costs drastically reduced.

Laura asks…

What do you think Julia Gillards biggest class war biogotry worst hypocrisy is?

I have heart disease. My electric bill subsidises rich folks generating solar power yet I cannot afford to switch on the hot water heater? Why can't I get a free solar electricity generator and solar hot water heater? It's irrational bigotry Labor even dream they're not fighting either a class war nor have environment credentials?

Surely at least solar energize housing commission homes? Why is Labor so pro rich elitest ideals I dont even own a Prada shoe to even loose at a racism riot I create?

Why is Labor so barking mad devoid of their ideals? Money?

ssadmin answers:

She is Power Crazy and Will Do Anything to Save Her Job, Labour and the Working Man, What a Joke 🙁

James asks…

Question about grid infeed solar system?

Is it possible to construct a grid infeed, solar power system without the use of batteries at all?
I'm wanting to send all power generated into the grid and I was hoping that I could do away with the expense and maintenance/upkeep of purchasing batteries?
If this is possible, would it work with a wind generator in the system as well?
If batteries are indeed necessary, would a single small capacity battery work better for this type of system rather than a large storage bank of batteries?
Thanks in advance.

ssadmin answers:

Absolutely, that is the most popular way to do it. You would need a grid-tied inverter that converts the DC power from the solar panels into AC and connects to the grid. The electric company acts as your battery, any extra power you make is sold to them, and when you need more than you make, or at night and cloudy days, you buy what you need from them. You can see some examples of small grid-tied PV systems at

Southwest Wind Power makes a grid-tied wind turbine that has the inverter built in, so it can be connected to the grid without batteries. You can see details at

Check out our free educational videos that give more details at

Michael asks…

We recently had a major power outage. How do we choose an electric generator to be sure we can use our fridge?

We want to have the capability to generate our own electricity, particularly during an emergency. A solar electric generator would be great for us because we live in the desert. How do we choose the best one for our needs?

ssadmin answers:

Hi there … You can get a whole house generator which will cover all your needs for between $3-8000 or you cab get a portable one and have a swtich fitted to your house so that you basically plug it in….
Here in florida… I have two … A small 1000w and a bigger 8000 watt. The higher the watts the more it will run in your house. For example .. The only things the 8000w wont run in my house is the air conditioning and the stove…. It will run everything else….. It cost $1300
The 1000 w will run the refrigerator… And a few lights… Or the tv and lights and fans … It cost…. $299.
There is also the thing called starting watts… The 8000 wat gernerator has a starting watt of 13500. What this means is that when certain electrila appliances start they need more electricity than when they are constantly running… Like acceleration in a car… More gas to get up to speed…
The site below has a section sizing your generator and it wexplains how to work out what you need…

David asks…

How is electrical energy generated? ?

How do nuclear powered, wind powered, hydroelectric, coal powered, and solar thermal powered generators work? What are photovoltaic cells?

ssadmin answers:

Nuclear Power:
Uses fission to generate heat that is transferred to water, creating steam and moving a turbine (the turbine spins magnets, in earths magnetic field, and makes charge)

Uses wind to turn the turbine, of course going through different gearing depending on the location/ environment.

Uses water-flow from a river, that passes through a dam, and spins a turbine.

This ones the cheapest, burn coal, releasing energy and making heat to make steam. Again, the steam spins the turbine.

This ones different, and a bit complicated. Basically, the energy in the light from the sun chemically reacts with the photovoltaic cells on the solar panel. From this, the electrical energy is created. I know that the photovoltaic cells can transfer energy at an efficiency rate, that puts it behind energy production methods like nuclear and coal.

I hope i helped

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