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Sharon asks…

How to make my camper green?

I am building my own camper right now. While I'm still in the building process what are some ways that I can effectively build wind or solar generators to power most of the electricity? I've searched the web and I just can't find any good DIY (Do It Yourself) projects for them. Thanks!

ssadmin answers:

Some recycling bins and a lot of green paint.

Joseph asks…

What is the career called that deals with renewable energy?

What is the career called that deals with renewable energy, and teaches students how to design things like, solar panels and wind powered generators. What universities of colleges offer the course? Also can someone provide a link to the college or university page that deals with their renewable energy course.
Does anyone know about the course in Uvic? They have someone guy in their commercial holding a wind powered generator model.

ssadmin answers:

Many many careers can deal with renewable energy..

Try civil, mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering.

Mary asks…

How to achieve remote solar heating?

We have a mountain home in the “boonies.” We are off-grid, with a solar photo voltaic system and a large diesel generator back-up. The generator is 1000 ft from the solar array, inverters and the house. We need to heat the 120 sq. ft. generator shed slightly to achieve better automatic starting of the generator when the solar power is not sufficient. The set-up calls for the generator to try to start three times over a period of 15 minutes, then if starting doesn't occur, everything has to be reset by hand before the generator will start again. In the coldest nights, this has occurred more than once, and since we are not always there to reset things, this is problematic. We plan on insulating the shed, but cannot figure out a power source to raise the temp in the shed. A friend said he thought we might be able to run two 100 wt. incandescent bulbs with a solar panel on the roof and a battery inside. I cannot find anything online that meets our requirement. With incandescent bulbs being phased out, everything is LED, which doesn't produce much heat. I think I need someone to build this for us, but don't really know where to begin. Help, please!

ssadmin answers:

Well the 100 watt bulbs can still be had if you want to go that route.

Other considerations are putting a cold additive to the diesel and see if that helps, or adding a battery with high cold cranking amps.

Richard asks…

Have you seen on tv what they call a solar generator,the “Solar Back-up”? is it to be believed?

my neighbor bought one,and he actually thought he could power his house from it…i told him not to,but he looked at me as if i were retarded…he spent all that money on a glorified 24 volt battery,and it will not run anything bigger than a tv for more than an hour…no A/C,NO FRIDGE,NO LIGHT FOR MORE THAN A COUPLE OF HOURS…that if its an LED light….if you are thinking of buying one,do not expect more than a couple of car battery's worth of electricity…

ssadmin answers:

This is just an example of people not understanding what they are buying and falling for false advertising. The product is fine for what it is supposed to do, provide a little backup power. It has a 90W solar panel, 1800W inverter, and 51ah battery. It should cost around $1000. It is big enough to run a few small appliances, or some lights. If someone thinks it is going to backup their entire house, shame on them for not looking into it better. Shame on the company for overselling it, I saw an ad on the web, totally deceptive.

My friend bought the rotating dog nail clipper as seen on TV. It didn't work for her dog, scared the crap out of him. Does that mean that no dog nail trimmers work? No, just the piece of crap she bought on TV. Don't throw out the baby with the (solar heated) bathwater.

George asks…

Could you capture enough methane from composting to generate electricity for an appliance or even a home?

Wondering if it could be used to power a generator when solar or wind isn't functioning.

ssadmin answers:

You can do just about anything if you spend enough time,effort AND money .

The real questions are, “Is it practicle? And Is it worth it?”

If you don't mind having a tank of Cow S hit fermenting in your back yard you can certainly harvest methane to operate a generator. If you are only going to run the generator ocassionally so that you can save less than a dollars worth of electricity, then I am afraid that the economics just don't make such a project worth it. (There is a reason you don't see many of these systems in common use)

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