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Donald asks…

Long range wireless router?

We live on a property with two houses approx 2.5km apart. A relative has just moved into the other property, which has no external services (power etc) connected (has solar power, generator etc though just nothing from a company) whereas our house has all services. Is it possible to share our broadband connection (we have cable broadband) to their house without installing cables underground, like a long disrance router? The ones we found have a range of 25m or so.

ssadmin answers:

The power required for this distance from a router would be extremely dangerous to health, with very high risk of Cancers or Leukemia. Therefore it is illegal to make such. The only way to do this would be to have absolutely clear line of site between both properties, with no obstructions. Then you would need 2 wireless bridges with suitable external directional antenna mounted at roof height and very accurately pointing at each other. Anything getting between them would stop the signal, even a large bird flying through. And if they are not rigidly mounted the wind will stop service by moving them. You will also be breaking the terms of service of the provider, who only supply service to one actual household. They would consider the second building a second household making your provision a theft of service. The courts uphold this view. Alternatively they can get satellite connection, or cellular.

Joseph asks…

solar power question?

so solar panals are only about 4% efficient..

has anybody built a solar steam generator? and if so how efficient/feasable is it?

ssadmin answers:


The article above describes a solar power test facility to generate power by focusing sunlight to produce heat.

Chris asks…

Hi Everyone! How about a solar charged generator?

I want a small generator, that will be able to be used to power a light, a 1 burner stove for 3-4 days (not consistently, just for cooking on a camping stove), and a small air conditioner (we do live in FLORIDA!).

This is to keep our family semi-comfortable if we have a power outage during a hurricane. I am looking for suggestions on both a generator and an air conditioner (or other room cooling unit!). We are looking for a reasonable (the cheaper the better if it works!) generator, and an a/c unit or similar for cooling 1 room in our home. I am looking for the cheapest (that works!) solution as we hope to never have to use it. 🙂 Any ideas, let me know! We have not had to put together a hurricane kit because we are from IL. This is all totally new, but we are in the second evacuation zone (after the islands and mobile homes).

ssadmin answers:

>How about a solar charged generator?
>..cheapest (that works!) solution….

Air conditioners use a lot of power. Any system that that will run the AC will require a large array of solar panels and an large bank of batteries with their own storage shed.

If you really want the AC and don't want a large expensive solar system, look for fuel based generator. Which raises the issue of how to safely store the fuel.

>a 1 burner stove for 3-4 days

A camp stove with a few extra propane cylinders is a lot more practical. However a single burner hot plate uses about the same amount of power as a small AC, so if you were running a generator for the AC you could just turn the AC off when using the hot plate.

>power a light

LED bulbs don't use much power, so a couple of solar panels charging a smallish deep cycle battery is feasible, also good for recharging cell phones and similar small electronics. However batteries degrade in storage, so it's not like you can store one for a decade and expect it to work or even hold a charge.

Or maybe just a small panel to keep your car battery topped off when you use it to charge your cell phone.

Even with the LED bulbs it's a good idea to stock up on some candles/oil lamps/ that are good for long term storage. Batteries tend to go bad when you need them the most.

And don't forget about water & food. How reliable is your water supply in a power outage? A stock pile of canned food can be mighty good when all the refrigerators have assumed room temperature, you can even eat the food cold, just make sure you have a manual can opener!

A battery powered radio can be mighty entertaining when you don't have anything else to do..

Laura asks…

how i con produce free electricity?

there is a lake of electricity in my country. i want to produce electricity without any coast. solar and wind generator does not work in my village, because solar power plant needs a heavy cost and wind power generator need speed of wind.
and i have not any flow of water near my house.
please give me suggestions that how i can produce energy without any regular cost.

ssadmin answers:

Depends on your definition of “free”.
TANSTAAFL always applies. You will need to build or buy SOMETHING to generate the electricity, if nothing but a car alternator driven by a paddle wheel (as an example). Then there is the wires and the labor to construct the spillway. All of that infrastructure must be taken into account somehow.

An even better idea, try moving to a civilized country that is fully electrified.

Mary asks…

Hypothetically if there were no atmosphere, how much more solar power would be generated?

For example if we made generators that extended above our atmosphere.

ssadmin answers:

The answer is not as much as you might think.
When solar energy strikes the earth, about 1/3 is reflected back into space; one third is absorbed in the atmosphere, and one third reaches us on the ground.

If there were no atmosphere; more solar energy would reach the ground; but more would be reflected back into space (because there would be no atmosphere to prevent infrared radiation going back out into space).

Certainly, we would fry because of the increased solar radiation (leaving aside the lack of an atmosphere); but the earth would actually be cooler; because incoming radiation would be matched by radiated infrared.

But, to answer the question more directly; IF there were no atmosphere; there would be about three times the amount of solar energy available for conversion in a solar energy; before it was radiated back out into space.

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