Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Ken asks…

where can i get a solar powered generator cheap?

jus wonderin…my dad needs one…
well i know they're expensive, but the ones less expensive, and for my house, i dnt know how many watts, it for wen my power goes out. I live around a lot of trees and when the fall they sometimes hit the electric wires and my power goes out. We have one, but the gasoline is expensive.
well i know they're expensive, but the ones less expensive, and for my house, i dnt know how many watts, it for wen my power goes out. I live around a lot of trees and when the fall they sometimes hit the electric wires and my power goes out. We have one, but the gasoline is expensive.

ssadmin answers:

You do not define a budget, and without your knowing how much power you need for any given time, sizing is a problem.

For some people who prepare for those times when they have no power, they have low voltage gear, and there is a lot of low voltage appliances available through through suppliers for over the road truckers. You will no doubt also need battereis. Since you do not define how cheap is cheap, you will no doubt have to budget in invest incrementally in what you need.

Solar panels, try

If you have been listening to the radio, late night or shortwave, those that you hear advertised are only 60 Watts nominal output from 4 15 Watt panels- they are intended for you to add batteries and inverters as needed.

The good news is you can add them in parallel as you buy the panels, they connect +to+ and to the + terminal of the battery.

The bad news is if you are planning to try operate your house as you currently are without changing your usage habits, you may never have enough panels. With the trees being a big factor, you will probably have to remove some.

You can do some additional research at But be prepared to scale back on your goals- the technology is expensive. If you ahve to have someone install it for you, pretty much expect the cost to double.

You should incorporate wind into your plans, and you can actually construct some of the turbines yourself. Hugh Piggott has a few good books, you can order his and some other decent books at

You can order his books through his website as well.

Ruth asks…

Looking to purchase a Generator – solar/battery powered, preferably a combination – plug-in backup power.?

I am looking for a self-recharging, always PLUGGED-IN BACKUP POWER (quiet running) GENERATOR. Automatically kicks on when power goes out and shuts off on return. A combination of solar/battery cells is preferrable but would consider alternatives if available. It is to be used in africa, the electricity is 220V. Also, the cost should not be prohibitive. Thanks in advance.

ssadmin answers:

This company has what you want

Mary asks…

Is it a good idea to create all the electricity that Australia needs by building solar powered generators in?

the deserts of Australia
Instead of heating a water boiler with gas to produce steam to spin a generator use mirrors to magnify and direct the suns heat at the same water boiler and you'll get the same effect.

ssadmin answers:

I think that's a great idea, but like others said before, solar power is quite inefficient and a large amount of space would be required for such a project. Even though there's a lot more desert than there is densely inhabited space, and there are only 20 million people to provide energy for, it just seems a bit extreme to cover the desert with solar panels. I think it would be better to use solar power along with other energy sources and start a slow transition from these to full solar power once more efficient technology is developed.

Thomas asks…

Tell me about “solar power generator for house holds” for 3 hours a day as there is power cut daily?

tell me information about solar panels and batteries required and how much they cost?

ssadmin answers:

Unfortunately, solar power is pretty expensive initially. Fortunately, there's little continuing or up keep costs after installation. You need to determine how big a system you need. How much power would you use per hour in kilowatts during the power cut? The solar system has to be able to supply this power. This means the solar panels have to be big enough to charge the batteries and the batteries have to be big enough to store the necessary power. List the appliances you want to run and the power they need. An example is:

refrigerator 400 watts
3 lights 300 watts
computer 400 watts
TV 200 watts
2 fans 250 watts

The total here is 1,550 watts. For 3 hours this would be 4,650 watt hours or 4.65 kWh (kilowatt hours). You need enough batteries to supply this power. This would be about 12 batteries rated at 400 amp hours.

The links below provide more information about solar systems as well as the cost of installing them. You have a fairly wide range of options if your electrical demands are low.

Chris asks…

Opinion:Is the better example of solar power(1) use a collector to make a steam powered generator or(2) use…

direct sunlight to make electricity(which is usually produced electromechanically by the way)?

ssadmin answers:

Only the future can tell us.

What I can tell you know is that the photovoltaic (direct conversion) industry is already powerful and growing fast with rapidly decreasing costs.

On the other hand, solar thermal power generation (e.g. Concentrated solar power and others) claims it can compete in price with coal after only its 20th large scale plant !!!

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