Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Charles asks…

How do you build a solar power generator?

ssadmin answers:

You buy the components after you figure what you are trying to power, how much power it requires, how much you can afford and how much area you have to work with.

Are you generating power to sale on the grid or power something at home? Will you need the power at night or on cloudy days? These questions will tell you if you need storage batteries or not.

Linda asks…

why don't we have geothermal generators and solar powered generators on Venus?

seems like a waste of good sunlight and heat to not be trying to harness some of it right now. think of how much energy we could be getting from there. i know it would cost too much and would probably take more energy to set it up and go get the energy than it will provide, but should we be brainstorming right now how to overcome these inproficiencies? << wow what a word.

ssadmin answers:

Because we're not there yet! Also, you have to get inventions of Nikola Tesla to transmit power from there to here. And: We're not making full use of the sunlight we have.

Mark asks…

Is there any Solar Powered Generators for home use? If so, what is the product name and from where can u buy?

ssadmin answers:

You can purchase solar systems all over the place, they are made by dozens of different companies. However, if you are planning on convering your entire home over to solar you should definitley read more about them as it would require a very large number of cells for the average house. In addition, the setup can be quite complex

Thomas asks…

Do you have information about a solar and wind generator combo?

Hi, I've heard that there are wind powered generator that also have solar panels?
The idea is to have enhanced reliability.
Do you know where can I find information about it? Anywhere in the world is fine!
Thank you!

ssadmin answers:

You can build a system that consists of solar panels and a wind powered gererator. In this case you can use whatever windmill you like and whatever solar panels you like.



Chris asks…

how can you make a solar power generator from aluminum pop cans?

ssadmin answers:

Solar Panels Part of Generator
In very simplified terms, a solar generator works by converting solar energy into electrical energy. This energy can then be used to do such things as power lighting, heat water, and run the TV. The generator consists of solar panels (which must be placed where they will receive the most possible sunlight,) a deep cycle battery for continuous use, and an inverter.

Building Your Own Solar Panels.
Amazingly enough the theory of recycling used pop cans to make a form of renewable energy through solar panels creating yet another brilliant source of solar heat, does exist. A gentleman from Newfoundland has come up with this genius plan for harvesting solar heat by recycling the old cans. The solution that he has come up with is not a difficult construction, yet is strong and durable. Quite an attractive unit.

Here is the video that shows the inventor from Newfoundland and his pop can solar heat.

“This system really does work and it works good. To improve upon it would be to fill the cans with dry sand and you would now have bio-mass that will hold the heat after the sun goes down. Adding the sand will also create more heat for heating water by raising the temperature. I have used this system to heat a 24ft above ground swimming pool. Find a small solar panel and a deep cycle battery to run the pump and pay the electric company nothing.”

Another Solar Panel Design
Passive solar is just so easy, it's a wonder we don't all do it. Right now, in my little basement office in Montana, I could use a little heating up. And, with a few 2x4s and a bunch of aluminum soda cans, it turns out I can have my own passive solar heater without much work.

A clever DIYer, Daniel Strohl, painted some aluminum cans black, drilled some holes in the cans, stacked them, and then put them in a box and, voila, air coming out of the box was fifteen degrees warmer than air going into the box. He then pumped the warm air directly into his garage. And with just a little bit more work, this exact same design could be a passive water heater.

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