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Donna asks…

Does anyone have any leads on backup solar generators?

I want to purchase a solar powered backup generator in the event that we have a power outage. I don't want a gas/diesel generator as I don't want to have to fight everyone else to get gas for a generator. I've been only able to find one solar generator that would seem to work for my home. Any suggestions?

ssadmin answers:

I've just started looking at solar myself, here's a link to a site that seems to have some reasonably priced systems:

Maybe there will be information that will help, I'm a novice myself so I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for.

Laura asks…

Solar power generator?

I need to build a solar power generator that can power a double wide trailer with a 35 inch TV, refrigerator, washer & dryer, laptop, 3 clocks, and an air conditioner all at the same time. We don't use the washer & dryer all the time but when we have family over they wash they're clothes as we play video games. I want to same energy so I want to know how big I can make it, can someone help me? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY! NO SPAM, NO JOKES!

ssadmin answers:

You do not need a generator!!!! What you need is Solar Panels and a place store the energy you don't use at night.

David asks…

Can a generator use solar power and partial energy produced used to run itself?

SUN–>Generator uses some produced to run itself….so it runs on two sources

ssadmin answers:

Any amount of energy fed back to the input of the source that produced it would be less than the amount of energy required to produce the fed back energy in the first place. The reason for this is because the generator`s efficiency (output/input) is always less than one because of losses caused by friction or flaws in design.

Unless you could supply enough energy from the solar source alone to satisfy the input energy requirements of the generator then it would be more energy conservative to store the energy from the solar source and time share it`s use with the energy from the generator than to waste energy in a feed back scheme that causes the generator`s efficiency to be even less than it was originally. Of course if you do that then you will have to have another energy source to drive the generator. The whole objective is to get the most output with the least input and your idea is certainly worth consideration. It has probably been considered in one form or another by every engineer that deals in this sort of thing but it just flat will not work. It is very hard not to talk in circles when discussing this subject so I hope you was able to bear with me.

Charles asks…

Which country in this world has the largest output of solar powered generators for electricity ?

and which country promotes it the most ? we are looking for new markets to sell our products to.

ssadmin answers:

Well, presently it might be Germany, but it was just a way to create an industry.

Spain is expanding very fast and the province of Andalusia is planning a single plant of 16MW and 60MW total.

The output of German solar cell capacity reaches coming out of factory already exceeds several GW per year (a large nuclear power plant has 2GW but is installed for 40 years).
And it is still strongly growing around Freiberg and Freiburg.

Luxembourg has the highest incentives for solar power per kWh.

Italy has one of the highest electricity prices (almost 20ct per kWh on the market !!!!) but you might encounter other problems there, especially in the south if you know what I mean…

Betty asks…

I have a 5kw Coleman generator. The engine is no longer running. is it possible to run it using solar power ?

I have a 5kw Coleman generator. The engine is no longer running. Is it possible to convert the generator to run on solar power ? If so what would I need to do. I have year round sunshine.

ssadmin answers:

You could do it without violating the laws of thermodynamics, but it would not be a practical project. A new engine for your generator is not expensive, and then you could use it as a backup generator to charge your solar batteries when the weather does not cooperate.

It sounds like you need some basic instruction in solar electric systems and how they work. Try an internet search on “solar electric system.”

Good luck.

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