Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Donald asks…

Can I get a mini / small wind or solar power generator?

So i can like chatlrge an iPod or run a lamp or something when the power goes off and to show people?

ssadmin answers:

You can use a solar charger or a portable solar generator. There are many in

Betty asks…

Where can I find solar powered generators for sale? the kind that can power basic electrical home appliences?

ssadmin answers:

Check “Google” or “yahoo” search. There are a whole lot of companies.

Laura asks…

I am planning to open a medium size furniture factory in my country Nigeria,, can it be solar powered?

I planned that the factory be fully mechanised. Public power supply is very poor. I wanted to purchase diesel generators but i have been advised by a friend that solar generators are more cost effective. Is solar a good source of energy to power such a factory?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, it can be fully solar. Very power comsuming factories are autonomous.
If you dont find how to, if you want e-mail me and i will put you in touch with some companies.
For your info, some companies not only are autonomous, they resell power while they dont use it.

Mark asks…

How much it would cost for wind power generator ?

A couple of persons said Solar power generators are costly because of it equipments. How about the wind power generators ? I residing a km near sea shore an there would be some wind at most times.
I am in South India and I need to know the total cost for setting up a wind generator for my home in order to cut down my electricity bill. A set up that can power at least 4 Fans, 4 tube lights (40W) and a computer.

ssadmin answers:

Starting from $ 700, Wind Power Generator has a versatility of uses. The wind turbines below are used worldwide for battery charging, home power, and water pumping applications, and range from 400 to 65,000 watts.

Wind Turbines start producing power at 7.5 mph wind speed, and increase their output through 45 mph winds. Higher wind speeds require the blades to be slowed down, to protect the equipment, but are very effective in wind speeds between 7.5 and 45 mph.

Sharon asks…

hello,can anyone recommend a DURABLE-and portable-solar power generator for me?

thank you all

ssadmin answers:

The solar products that Real Goods (one of the premiere distributors of consumer and commercial solar components and systems) sells are all rigorously tested for durability and performance. I suggest you look at their offerings and see if they have one that suits your needs.


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