Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Robert asks…

How to create a Solar Power System ?

I want to create a solar powered generator and I need step by step instructions how to do that ,,,
Also, I want to create a cheap source and I dont care about the output I just want to see a small
LED or bulb light ….

How can I build one myself & can someone tell me that can I use an old ” COMPUTER MOTHERBOARD” To do so Cause Solar cells are made of silicon and so are MOTHERBOARDS

Can someone help me ??????

Plzzzz with the motherboard idea !!!!

ssadmin answers:

You coudn't create a solar panel from motherborad yourself. You must buy some solar panel from shop. And also need solar controller which control how to charge battery, solar battery, which store the power, and an invertor if you want to use AC output. There are many kits for DIY a solar power system on the market.

Nancy asks…

How do I plug the output of an AC generator into a power meter?

I have a solar powered AC generator (5hp AC motor spun by a stirling engine), and I want to put the outputted energy into the power grid. However, I don't know how to connect it so that the engine will spin the motor (producing current) rather than the motor spinning the engine (sucking current).
Any (good) ideas?

Thanks in advance!

ssadmin answers:

You need to talk with your power company before you attempt to connect anything. There are serious safety concerns with supplying power back to the grid and a special meter is required if you want to get paid for it in most locations. When I say serious I mean you can kill somebody besides yourself.

Lisa asks…

wind generator or solar power, which produces more wattage?

how many mph of wind till see any results in wind generators and on solar power whats the minimum light?

ssadmin answers:

There are situations in which a wind generator can be very efficient as a source of domestic power. It has to be at a high elevation and in a location where the average wind speed is sufficient. Average of about 14 MPH is the lowest that will work in practical terms.

Solar panels can be developed incrementally into a generating plant of whatever size is needed, with incremental improvements in efficiency as the size of the plant increases. The sun must be shining to generate power (though it will actually work on very cloudy days at a reduced power level), but the amount of sunlight available per year is much more predictable than the amount of wind.

On the whole, solar is much more practical at the household level than wind power, and solar is the recommended choice among most engineers who work with alternative energy.

I am typing now on a computer that is running off a household solar power system, and it works very well.

Good luck!

Richard asks…

How much continuous power in watts can a solar generator produce?

How large of a solar system would I need to run 600 watts for 12 hours? Any ideas on how much it would cost to build one? Thanks.

ssadmin answers:

To get 600 watts, you need at least a 600 watt solar array. The output goes down when the sun is not directly perpendicular to the array, so you probably need a 1000 watt unit, or perhaps higher.

If you want 600 watts continuously for 12 hours, you need to be in a location where you get 12 hours of sun per day.

You can't build solar arrays, you have to buy them, as they require a complicated factory and chemicals in their construction.

Search on line, there are hundreds of places where you can buy them.


Donna asks…

requirements for household solar power generator?

ssadmin answers:

One of the best option for Green Power.
Following Item you need for Household solar power generator
Solar Panel to take solar energy
Battery to Store Solar Energy
Inverter to supply stored power
Controllar to mantain and check power supply.
According to your need you can have Solar Panel and Other Items.

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