Your Questions About Solar Powered Generator

Charles asks…

Can windmills also act as solar power generators?

Windmills are out in the open spaces and very high. Could we not wrap solar panels around them to create even more energy ?

ssadmin answers:

Sure we/you COULD… However, what is the point? The area of the ground below is more efficiently covered with solar electrical panels than the body of a tower with a wind powered generator on top. There is NO point in using the smaller area of the top of a tower than simple plain open space at ground level… Besides, when you do the daily/weekly cleaning to remove dust, it is MUCH more practical to clean panels at ground level than a hundred feet in the air… Note that wind towers are FAR apart to reduce turbulence from one tower causing problems with the air flow of the next tower. Haven't you wondered WHY wind towers are hundreds of feet tall and hundreds of feet apart? You would better use the flat space BETWEEN the towers than the actual towers themselves… Use some common sense already!

Steven asks…

Solar Powered Lights to heat a Cat house that is outside?

Hey everyone, I've recently befriended a stray cat. It is getter cooler and cooler out, and I would like to make her a house. I've deceided to make her a home from an old cooler and cut a hole in it. I'll use a heating pad also. The only thing is I have no power outlet on my house to connect the cord from the heating pad to. Is there such thing as a small solar powered like generator I could plug the heating pad into? That would be awesome. please help!

ssadmin answers:

There is nothing that small yet. You could buy a small solar system and connect the heater too it and other items (outdoor light timer, cellphone charger, ect)

Sandy asks…

do we have chance to run a power generator using the solar panels.?

sir i have an idea to run a gensec from a power produced from solar voltaic cells(panel)is this logic will work out?.i mean energy from the energy.viablity point of view

ssadmin answers:

In egypt solar power is already in use for large scale utilisation. We have here, street lights operating on solar power and so running a generator should not be a problem .

Michael asks…

Are solar power panel arrays and a wind turbine generator practical for residential use?

I ran into a “pitch ad” for a way to not only get “off the grid” at my residence, but actually have the electric company require sending me a small check for adding electricity to the grid. Is this stuff feasible or fantasy? I do have tools and could install the panels on my garage roof in chicago,IL.

ssadmin answers:

Feasible? Yes, at least in Germany and UK. We have a so-called feed in tariff (FIT in the UK, EEG in Germany) which is a (heavily) subsidized tariff for electricity you feed back into the grid. You can't go ‘off the grid', though – you'll still need the grid connection for feeding in the electricity you're generating (and for getting electricity when the sun's not shining sufficiently strong on your panels).

But unless you've got a big (really big) garage roof, it won't pay.

William asks…

a book which would give basic information about manufacturing of small solar power generators for my home.?

wanted also book of wind generators for the same purpose.
please give the link if possible.

ssadmin answers:

You will not be able to manufacture solar power cells in your own home.

See this link for solar cells.


That is like trying to manufacture a CPU in your own home, you cannot make the semi conductors.
You need a clean factory and millions of pounds worth of equipment for that.

See this link for do it yourself wind turbine.


and this might help

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