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Sunforce 50056 Solar Accessory Kit

Safely connect multiple panels and inverters Quick and easy to use Includes an extra 12 ft. of wire Has a voltage tester with LED light Product Description The Sunforce 50056 solar accessory kit is the most convenient solar wiring kit around. This kit comes with all of the following accessories; 12V DC plug, female socket […]

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Sunforce 25 Million Candlepower HID Rechargeable Spotlight – Model# 777809

A super powerful xenon spotlight provides up to 25 million candlepower Features new HID technology 12V 4.2Ah sealed acid battery, dual recharge AC/DC Direct use with 12V power port adaptor Runs 55 minutes on a full charge Product Description This super powerful xenon spotlight provides up to 25 million candlepower. Features new HID technology. Candlepower […]

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Sunforce 39310 130-Watt High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Panel Module

Advanced polycrystalline design is highly efficient and provides superior power output Maximum power output: 130 Watts/7.6 Amps Multiple panels can be connected together for even more power Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free 25-year warranty Product Description The Sunforce 39310 130W Solar Kit with Sharp Module has water white tempered glass, EVA laminate, plus aluminum […]

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Sunforce 39626 160-Watt High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Power Kit

High-efficiency polycrystalline solar cells from Sharp provide advanced power output Weatherproof solar cells feature durable aluminum frames with tempered glass coverings Includes two 80-Watt polycrystalline solar panels, a 200-Watt power inverter, a 30-Amp digital charge controller, a voltage tester, and a wiring kit with mounting accessories 25-year solar panel warranty Kit is easy to install […]

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